Top 6 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile App for High User Retention

mobile app optimization

In today’s digital era, mobile applications have become the hottest means to stay connected to the Internet for tech-savvy customers. The ease of usage offered by these apps makes it immensely popular among digital clients to connect to the Internet via various mobile applications. While as the customer, the increasing demand for mobile apps may be good news for you, but it can be challenging for a mobile development firm. 

As the number of apps increases daily, it might get difficult for such companies to stay in the market and engage and retain users. Why? The reason is simple. With millions of apps present on the play store, it gets second for users to delete the poorly functioning app.

Therefore, to save your application from getting uninstalled, it’s essential to make them engaging and necessary for improved user retention and app engagement. Mobile app engagement and user retention are the two metrics that business from retail and eCommerce uses to get genuine insights into your app. So, if you want to enhance your app engagement, you can hire an SEO service. However, if you’re going to increase your user retention without wasting a dime, here are the top 6 ways to optimize your app through user retention.

Create A Great User Experience:

One of the critical bases for excellent user retention is to have a great product. If the first-time user opens it and crashes immediately, loads slowly, or contains bugs, then the chance is high that they will leave and never use it again. However, vice versa, users are more likely to return if your app is stable, easy to use, runs smoothly, and solves all their problems effectively. 

Therefore, provide the best user experience for the app users. By implementing the features that your client demands, you can do so by removing and fixing the bugs, doing A/B testing of parts, and interfacing designs and elements to find out what your users prefer.

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Beta Test Your Apps:

Most developers whose mobile app has been beta tested with an invitation-only audience are likely to launch with a high retention rate. Therefore, one of the best ways to optimize your app from a high user retention rate is to get your app beta tested. Through this, you can also ensure that there are no bugs and issues in the app, which will decrease your user retention rate. 

When beta testing your app, invite the users to provide feedback and optimize the user experience, as this will help establish that your app is in the best shape on the day of launching.

Customize User Experiences:

Another way to optimize your app with high user retention is to personalize the mobile app experiences to the users. By doing so, the users will engage more with your app, which will increase user retention and also increase the number of loyal customers, as they are highly profitable.

However, to provide the personalized UX, collect lots of data on user interests, actions and behavior. Then, you can use this information to reach users with customized messages and content like push notifications and in-app messages.

Grab Users Attention Through Push Notifications:

Another way to optimize user retention is through push notifications. These notifications help to deliver timely and relevant information to the users even if they are not active. They also act as a catalyst to maintain robust user engagement in promotional, informative, survey, transactional notifications, leading to user retention. For example, you can send them messages to remind them that they didn’t complete their purchase or prompt them to buy products using different discount coupons. 

Push notifications are more powerful when joined with media, like images, videos, and gifs. You can also add the Call-to-action option to achieve your goal. You can also try the following few tips to create outstanding push notifications and enhance your user retention:

  • Send your push notifications at the right time. Keep in mind that your users live in different parts of the world and are in entirely different time zone. 
  • Personalize your push notification messages according to your users’ interests, needs, and actions.
  • Don’t overload your users with lots of push notifications. 

App Store Optimization (ASO):

mobile app optimization

ASO is making changes to your app store entry, which further helps get a higher rank, boosts your user retention rate for high-value users, and gives them a genuine portrayal of what to expect when installing your app. 

You can perform ASO by focusing on your apps’ description, name, keywords for iOS icons, screenshots, and videos. Use bullet points in the report to make things easier for your users, as most high-ranking apps do this. Perfecting in the ASO makes sure that you bring organic traffic to your app, often the most valuable customers for a very long time. 

Update Your Apps Features: 

Another way to optimize your app through user retention is to update your app’s features. Constantly add new features to your app, streamline its function and edit its content to keep your users engaged and encourage them to return. Just make sure to pay attention to your user’s feedbacks, interest, reviews, and behavior while updating the app so that you can provide an enhanced user experience. You can also take inspiration from your competitor’s new update and promote your app’s new features, which will prompt the users to launch your app and try them. 

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