Top 4 Mobile App User Engagement and Retention Tips for 2021

Mobile App User Engagement and Retention Tips

Developing a mobile application is a new normal for businesses, as there are a lot more chances of growing the business through a mobile app. A mobile app creates a great impact on your customers’ minds. But, sometimes, companies face issues with their mobile apps, like not getting enough downloads, not having enough audience on their app, etc. This problem is due to low app user engagement & retention.

Having more customers on your mobile app is very important, and retaining them is very much important. User retention can boost up your online business game.

Why App User Retention is Important?

Retaining users is very important because repeat customers can bring you more customers, and

Save Marketing Costs

You can save your marketing budget when your customers repeat transactions on your mobile app. You don’t have to find new customers, and your old customers will make purchases on your app, and you will get more business revenue. Repeat customers require lesser customer support, and they increase your brand value, so you can save on marketing costs as well as customer support costs.

Word-of-mouth Advertising

Word-of-mouth is still a great way of advertising, and no-one can do it better than your customers. When you retain customers, they will talk about their experience on your app with their friends and family, and this way, your business will get free publicity. We think this is one of the best ways to influence people, through word-of-mouth by their friends and family!

Retained Customers Provide Useful Feedback

When you build a good set of retained customers, they always try to provide feedback whenever asked, or sometimes even when you don’t ask for it. Taking care of what they like and what they dislike about your app is the key to retain customers. If you provide them with what they like, they will end up purchasing things from your store and get converted.

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So, these are some reasons why one should retain their customers, and we are here to tell you the best Mobile App user Engagement tips so that you can retain your customers and make more business than ever! So, are you ready to retain your customers? Here are the tips!

Mobile App User Engagement and Retention Tips

Every business is struggling to retain its customers, and companies are doing a lot of things to retain their customers and make them purchase things from their business once again. Here are those tips you have been waiting for!

Amazing On-boarding

“First impression is the last impression!” is quite a popular proverb, and it seems very true on most occasions. So, you have to make sure you make a great impression on your customers when they first use your app. You have to provide an amazing on-boarding experience whenever a user tries to sign up on your mobile app. With amazing graphics and animations, one can create a mesmerizing on-boarding experience.

When your first impression on your customers is amazing, the customers tend to be impressed with your app and business and more likely to make a transaction. So, to retain your customers, you must create an amazing on-boarding experience for the users. You can hire mobile app designers to design such an amazing app.

Use Push Notifications

If used in the right way, push notifications can bring you far more positive results in user engagement and retention. You have to keep a perfect balance between engaging the users and annoying them. If the user has not opened your app for the last some days, a push notification may make them do a transaction on your app, but too many push notifications will annoy the users, and they may end up uninstalling your app. So, you have to keep a fina balance.

You have to remember the famous Thanos dialogue here. Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be.

app user engagement

You are now aware of the famous app user retention technique, and that is the balance! No too many notifications. You can send a push notification when a user has not opened up your app for more than 2-3 days. So, level-up your app engagement with push notifications.

Interest-based Feed

You have to implement a user-behavior learning system through Elasticsearch or other such Enterprise Search technologies. With the right usage of Enterprise search, you can achieve greater business heights, and it can be the Master Key to Success for your Business. So, when you serve product recommendations or feed according to the user interests, you are more likely to get the conversion. You can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to learn user interests and send them product recommendations according to them.

Interest-based feed will make the customers engage with posts and products, making them purchase those products or services. So, you can hire Elasticsearch consultants to learn user-behavior and interests to send them personalized products and feed. Doing so will help you improve the user experience and also to boost up your conversion rate!

Cashbacks and Discounts

When we are talking about customer retention, how can we forget cashback and discounts? Cashback and Discounts attract customers a lot, and they find it so lucrative, so offering them some cashback and discount is the key to retain your customers. So, don’t forget to organize a Sale on different occasions, and offer some discounts to attract and retain more customers.

Customers love discounts, and if you keep offering discounts and freebies, customers will love shopping from your app and even spread some good word about your app to their friends and family. So, you have to offer them some discounts, freebies, and cashback in order to retain and engage your customers.

Final Words

We already know that customer retention is more important than customer acquisition, and we must retain the existing customers to deliver satisfaction to them. We hope these tricks will help you retain your existing customers on your mobile app. Moreover, improving the user experience also helps you retain customers. You should look at some best mobile app landing pages that create a great impression on your customers’ minds.

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