Our Research Process

StandardFirms’ unique research process is designed to help service seekers identify the right software development companies that can meet their business needs.

StandardFirms’ research process consists of three evaluation criteria – Reliability, Quality, and Capacity – that successfully simplify business for software service seekers. Our unique search process, which consists of three evaluation criteria- Quality, Reliability, and Capacity, has successfully simplified business for service seekers.

With the help of our core research methodology, which consists of the aforementioned search mapping dimensions, we measure each service provider that falls into the market leader or emerging leader segment. Each provider receives a score from 1 to 10 on a total of six metrics, and these values are rolled up into relevant evaluation criteria. In the end, suppliers are rated on three of the 30 evaluation criteria: excellent, very good, good, average, and poor.

StandardFirms conducted an in-depth analysis and evaluation of all the companies listed here based on three key criteria. Quality, Reliability, and Capability. However, the initial research is based on primary and secondary research conducted internally and data available from a variety of sources to the best of our understanding and knowledge. Future research and evaluation will be based on the submitted review.


StandardFirms’ pioneering search process is designed to help service seekers find the right company to meet their business needs.


We determine the quality of a software company by collecting the most accurate inputs from our clients. These inputs and feedback collected from the clients play an important role in determining the ability of the respective company to deliver quality services and meet the given deadlines.


We evaluate the client’s portfolio and the types of projects they have done for the client. Evaluating the portfolio also includes identifying the client and its characteristics.

A portfolio along with case-studies can help determine your ability to handle varying levels of complexity. Besides, these factors can help determine whether the company has been faithful to a given service strategy.


Our reliability standards take into account two important criteria: market penetration and the experience of the software company in question.

Market Penetration

We assess a company’s market penetration by examining the level of professionalism on their website. Companies are evaluated for credibility using predefined questions that focus on factors such as market presence, social media presence, and awards received.


Many factors are considered when determining the depth and breadth of a firm’s experience. Along with the portfolio & case studies that help us determine the closeness of the ease of delivery of the project, we also determine what type of project the firm has delivered.


Our capability criteria are distributed considering two critical metrics: software development and software design.

Software Development

We check the competence of the service provider in handling the technical aspects of app development and implementation to achieve a successful result.

Software Design

The company is thoroughly examined for its competence in handling the app design aspects and how effectively it has handled the same so far.