10 Top Angular Development Companies in India

best angular development companies India

Are you looking to partner with a reliable & top Angular development companies in 2021?

Bingo! You are at the right reading spot. Here, you will also find a sorted list of top AngularJS development companies for your next project.

Remember, not all web development companies are fully perfect, especially in terms of quality. You need to check some parameters before hiring any of these companies. These parameters include web developers’ technical experience, diversified portfolio, client’s feedback, NDA approval, online reviews, and ratings.

This sorted list of top angular development companies would help you choose the best one for your next project. Several references are taken from top sites like Goodfirms and Clutch to prepare the list. This will save your manual efforts in finding the best company, time as well as money.

Here is a summarized list of angular web development companies:

  1. AppsDevPro: Top in the list of best angular development companies. Develop custom frontend web app solutions that cater to specific business needs.
  2. Promatics Technologies: Build ai web applications using frontend development with angular that can communicate with customers on all channels.
  3. Net solutions: Stand on the third position in the list of best angular development companies.
  4. Softura: One of India’s leading angular development firms, improving position in the list.
  5. Brain Technosys: Offer companies to help develop interactive web applications from ideation to complex integration.
  6. Debut Infotech: Reputed name in the list of angular web development companies by delivering top-notch ai web apps to the clients.
  7. Vrinsoft: Offers self-evolving, intuitive, interactive, and engaging web development solutions.
  8. Systematix: Serves top-notch web development services to clients across various industries.
  9. Agile Infoways: One of the trusted angular web development firms in India.
  10. Terasol Technologies: A considerable choice among the best angular development companies in India.

Now, let’s discuss these angular development companies in detail below:

Rank 1: AppsDevPro: An Award-Winning Angularjs Development Company

top angular development companies in india

AppsDevPro emerged in the year 2004 and has maintained its reputation in terms of offering end-to-end digital solutions to small businesses, mid-scale enterprises, and large digital agencies for web application development using Angular. It is an award-winning agency and has made its name in the top three angular web development companies in the last few years.

AppsDevPro has secured a business experience of more than eleven years. The team for frontend development with Angular is passionate about the latest technologies and deploy the same whenever they meet with such project requirements by the clients. With a 97% retention rate, they deliver excellence and have become one of India’s best angular development firms.

Industry Focus: Education, Medical industry, Automotive, Information technology, Business consulting, Media & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Transportation & Logistics, Banking, web application development using Angular

Contact Info: https://www.appsdevpro.com/inquiry.html

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Rank 2: Promatics Technologies: Offers Expert and Dedicated Angular Developers.

top angular development company

Promatics Technologies is a renowned name in top angular development companies. It has successfully built its online reputation, with which it has created a strong foundation of software development processes, especially of web application development using angular. It uses its optimized development and delivery models to process things.

Promatics technologies being one of the top angular development firms, uses a customer-centric approach to deliver high-quality products & services. They help their clients by providing innovative business ideas and offering the best project suggestions. Some of their clients come from startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.

Industry Focus: Information technology, Hospitality, Education industry, Real estate, frontend development with angular, Transportation & logistics

Contact Info: https://www.promaticsindia.com/contact-us/

Rank 3: Net Solutions: An Esteemed Indian Angular Development Outsourcing Company

best angular development firm India

Net solutions is known for its platform engineering work and bespoke product delivery. It has become one of the best angular development companies, which promise to help your Business grow once you partnered with them in 2021.

The developer’s team for angular web application development specializes in many other modern web technologies, including react.js, laravel, WordPress, and vue.js, and implementing software solutions using top-notch engineering practices to enhance growth.

Their mission is to help business people from startups to large-scale enterprises and optimize their Business for long-term growth in front-end development angular. They have won awards from various technology partners, including Adobe, Brandon Hall, Kentico, and WMA. Building loyalty and leaving impactful experiences is their specialty in the field of web application development using Angular.

Industry Focus: Business services, Advertising & Marketing, Entertainment and media domain, frontend development with angular, Healthcare and fitness, food & beverage, retail & eCommerce

Contact Info: https://www.netsolutions.com/contact-us

Rank 4: Softura: An Indian Angularjs Development Outsourcing Firm

India's best angular development firm

Softura was evolved in 1990 and has become one of the most demanding angular web development firms to fulfill the varying business needs in frontend development with angular technology. The expert, angular web development team specializes in AI, cloud solutions, Sharepoint, angular for web app development and data analytics.

They have completed 1000+ projects in the last 20 years. They deliver quality products to their customers and attain collaborative & long-term relationship-oriented traits who commit to their client success. They use agile methodology, open communication and best-practices of web application development using angular to improve their client’s business performance.

Industry Focus: Education industry, frontend development with angular, Government, Financial and payments, Telecommunication, Consumer products, enterprises, fintech industry

Contact Info: https://www.softura.com/contact-us/

Rank 5: Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd.: A Leading Angularjs Development Agency from India

reputed angular development firm

Brain Technosys is a leading provider in web application development using angular. It is one of the top angular development firms providing proficient services in eCommerce solutions, asp.net development, online marketing services, and PHP development with the help of 100+ software development professionals working full-time here. They believe in long-term partnership with their clients and harness the goodness of modern technologies.

With a 100% client satisfaction rate, Brain Technosys meets their client’s expectations and fully believes in high stability, great transparency, and honesty. The team of engineers here is highly-skilled and graduated from top universities. Its strengths include 500+ global customers, 15+ years of business experience, 98% satisfied and happy customers, and world-class software development services.

Industry Focus: Retail & eCommerce services, Information technology domain, Business development services, education app development, consumer products, music & arts, banking & finance industry

Contact Info: https://www.braintechnosys.com/contact/

Rank 6: Debut Infotech: An Indian Organization That Outsources Angular Development Services

trusted angular solution provider

Debut Infotech is one of the best angular development companies if you are dreaming of interactive web designs & frontend development with angular. They have delivered high-quality software products for the last ten years and continue to grow towards business success. The team here believes in 100% client satisfaction, solving business problems, and improving business productivity.

Being one of the top angular development firms, it is developing solutions using various cutting-edge web technologies like AI, IOT, Blockchain, which cater to all industry verticals. They have become market leaders in less time and use agile methodology to offer their clients business-specific solutions.

Industry Focus: Healthcare & development services, business IT services, web application development using angular, blockchain services, mobile app development for eCommerce, banking & entertainment industry

Contact Info: https://www.debutinfotech.com/contact

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Rank 7: Vrinsoft Technology: A Well-known Angular Development Company Offering Varied Services

angular solutions and services

Vrinsoft is one of India’s most reliable angularjs development companies, with which you can partner within 2021. It has gained huge expertise in web application development using Angular, branding, mobile app development, and software consulting. You can choose Vrinsoft if you want to stand confidently in this competitive business world. They guarantee uniqueness at each step of the software development process.

Being one of the best angular development companies, they focus on delighting and delivering high-quality products at any cost. They have 7+ branches other than India. Hence, it is one of the reliable angular web development firms. They aim to transform software solutions digitally for the ultimate growth in the business process.

Industry Focus: Manufacturing industry, medical domain, web application development using angular, transportation services, gaming domain, web designing services, media & entertainment, information technology, legal & compliance

Contact Info: https://www.vrinsofts.com/contact-us.html

Rank 8: Systematix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.: A Trusted Firm From India that Offers Angular Development Solutions

best angular development firms

As one of the top and best angular development companies, Systematix infotech has been building appealing web applications for their clients since 2005. They have delivered 1000+ projects in the country viz. Australia, India, Singapore, Dubai, and the UK.

They have become a full-stack technology partner who uses a large spectrum of various technologies, including Angular for web development, python, blockchain, IoT, javascript, etc.

With their flexible engagement model, they offer flexibility by fulfilling all your business needs. They believe in developing a strong relationship between employees and customers to bring complete transparency about projects. They provide competitive advantage to their customers and help in growing their Business further.

Industry Focus: Education mobile app designing and development, angular for web development, Retail & eCommerce apps development, Startups, Transportation & logistics, information technology, NGOs,

Contact Info: https://www.systematixinfotech.com/contact/

Rank 9: Agile Infoways: A Leading Angular Development Outsourcing Company in India

top angular development agency

Being established in 2006, Agile Infoways is now considered one of India’s best angular development companies, which ensures using innovative ideas to transform using Business and take care of your investment to be in the right hands. It provides an employee-friendly work-place and client-specific pedagogy to bring innovation in the product strategy and exclusive software solutions.

As one of the reliable angular web development firms, they always focus on maintaining good quality and on-time delivery of projects to their clients. It is a risk-free, top-notch software development company known for its cost-effective services and frontend development with angular standards.

Industry Focus: Gaming app development, Hospitality services, Medical apps development, Travel & lifestyle, businesses and startups, web application development using angular, consumer products, Real estate services

Contact Info: https://www.agileinfoways.com/contact-us/

Rank 10: Terasol Technologies: A Trusted Angularjs Development Company in India

best angular development agency india

If you are looking for a perfect package of frontend development with angular, then you are at the right place. Terasol Technologies builds apps to make its customers happy and easily adapt to changing business needs. The expert team of Angular for web development is proficient in developing business apps using the latest web technologies.

They have a clear objective regarding software development and serving their clients with the best app development services. They offer a complete range of customized development solutions in AR/VR, game development, machine learning apps, etc. They deliver solutions without compromising on quality, time, and budget set.

Industry Focus: Government application/ website development, information technology, web application development using angular, business services, online marketing services, NGOs, media & entertainment, education app development

Contact Info: https://www.terasoltechnologies.com/enquiryform/

Let’s Wrap Up

Finally, we have got the best collection of angular web development firms with whom you can partner within 2021. You can also select any of the above-listed companies as per your budget set and business requirements. This is a refined list of top angular development companies shortlisted after deep research.

Must Note: The collection of top angular development companies is still in editing mode. If you are aware of such a company that deserves a position in this list, mark a note on it and write to us via commenting option or message one.

FAQs Related To Angularjs Development Services

Q1: How is Angular used in frontend development?

Angular is a full-stack web development technology, and it is used to create interactive components of a web application. It is known for its simplicity, rich features, intuitiveness, and efficiency in frontend development. Using angular, you don’t need to depend on other third-party libraries for building dynamic web applications.

Q2: Why is Angular the best for web app development?

There are many compelling reasons to show why Angular is the best for web app development. It is an open-source frontend web development framework used to create dynamic and modern web apps. Some of the major reasons to pick this framework for your web development project are given below:

  • Fast development
  • Improved readability
  • Reusability
  • Simplified unit-testing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Large community

Q3: Angular or React: Which is good for web app development?

Angular and React both solve your frontend development problems and are epic solutions for your web development needs. Angular is a good option as it offers quick development, convenient testing, cleaner code and improved server performance.

On the other hand, React improves web development with its time-saving approach, fast testing methods and cost-effectiveness. Both have their own benefits, it all depends on your project requirements which one suits you the best.

Q4: Where to find a qualified Angular web development team?

It can be a daunting task to find a qualified angular web development team when you are surrounded by a pool of web development companies, including good and bad ones. Therefore, you need to consider some parameters before choosing any of these companies. These parameters are testimonials check, portfolio, work profile on latest development technologies, product delivery commitments, years of experience, etc.

Q5: What is the process of hiring an Angular development team?

Hiring good and reliable angular web developers is not as easy as it seems to be. This process includes deep research, manual enquiry and inspection of that particular company who provides you angular development team. Else, you can hire angular developers as freelancers or remote team, or in-house teams from a reputed company.

To hire teams from companies, you should check their expertise areas, years of experience, strength, etc.

How to choose the right Angular development company in India?

India is a great IT hub for finding the right angular development company for your project. But you cannot partner with any company without inquiring about them.

There are various other factors that you should consider before hiring any angular development company in India. Some of these factors are listed below:

-> Check out the portfolio of the company
-> Check out their latest work on different web technologies
-> Look for the genuine testimonials
-> Take a note of their client’s feedback
-> Go for the company’s online rating & reviews report

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