11 Top Content Writing Agencies for 2021 (Updated)

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How many of you have heard that “Content is a King”? I guess all of us, and that’s why the companies are eagerly looking to hire Content Writers for their business.

Around 93% of B2B marketers are doing content marketing today due to its effective and instant results. Moreover, it produces 3X more leads per dollar from startups to enterprises. All these astounding benefits are attracting all businesses worldwide to give space for content writing in their business.

Do you also belong to those entrepreneurs? If yes, this blog belongs to you. Here, I have listed the names of the top content writing agencies in India for 2021, plus the benefits of hiring a content writing agency for your business.

So, let’s get started…

What are the top content writing companies in India?

After doing in-depth research and checking online reviews, I have prepared a list of top content writing companies in India that are worth your trust and investment. These companies not only possess the tools and expertise to write top-notch content, but they also offer cost benefits.

The extensive industry knowledge and writing skills of Indian writers are helping their clients concentrate on core business functions. In addition, their quality services make a remarkable improvement in the client’s business through the conception of engaging blogs and articles.

So, start evaluating the aptitudes of the following content writing agencies and find out the ideal partner for your project. Let’s begin…

1. PixelCrayons: content writing agency

best content writing agency

PixelCrayons is a leading content writing company in India with operational offices in the USA, Australia, and the UK. Backed by a team of 500+ content writers, they deliver quality and engaging write-ups to both its offshore and nearshore clients. These contents are compelling, captivating, and easily readable, which gives your business a perfect representation in this digitally competitive market.

Since its inception in 2004, the organization has established itself as a leading content writing agency globally. Their content writing service includes blogging, articles, press releases, whitepaper, infographics, videos, and web content. Including this, they make sure that all these contents are customized and 100% unique. Thus, giving you no reason for dissatisfaction or disappointment.

Founded: 2004
Hourly Rates: $21/hr
Team Size: 400- 500
Location: India, United States

Service Offerings: Website Content, Press Release, Blog Writing, Infographics Designing, Email Writing, Product Description, Case Studies, Content Editing/Proofreading, and Video Content

Ratings: 4.64/5
Website: https://www.pixelcrayons.com/

2. Write Right: top content writing agency

top content writing agency

Write Right is a 360-degree SEO content writing company in India. You can check its reputation in the market by simply doing Google ‘Write Right’ and see the authority, reviews, testimonials, and reliability of its content writing services.

From startups to enterprises, it offers 360-degree solutions related to advertising copy, web content, and the marketing world. Though it’s just a 4-year-old content writing company in the market, and in a short period, the company has become a global player in providing the best quality content writing services to clients.

They are experts in providing both technical and non-technical write-ups with utmost quality and no plagiarism.

Founded: 2016
Hourly Rates: $25 – $49/hr
Team Size: 10 – 49
Location: India

Service Offerings: Web Content, Blogs, Articles, Press Release, Newsletter, Technical Writing, Academic Writing, SEO Copywriting, Web Copywriting, and more.

Ratings: 4.8/5
Website: http://www.write-right.in/

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3. Content Writing India: best content writing agency

content writing agency

Content Writing India is one of the best content writing agencies, serving both offshore and nearshore. Over the years, the company has raised the content writer’s standard in India with excellent content writing services. As a leader among the top companies in India, they always push creative boundaries.

The company has employed the best content writers in the market, who keep on upgrading their knowledge regarding new writing skills and techniques. Their team is committed to providing expected results with 100% satisfaction.

Founded: 2008
Hourly Rates: $25 – $49/hr
Team Size: 50 – 249
Location: India

Service Offerings: Website Content, Sales Copy, Product Descriptions, Travel Content, Email Writing & Polishing, Blog Posts, Content Rewriting, Article Writing, Speech Writing, SEO Content, Story Writing, Creative Writing, Document Layout Design, and Minisite Content Translation

Ratings: 5/5
Website: https://contentwriter.in

4. Justwords Consultants: top content writing company

content writing company

Founded in 2010, Justwords Consultants has completed more than a decade in the market and is still running successfully with its best quality content writing services in the global market. It specializes in content writing services & marketing agencies, helping businesses worldwide to develop a good plus traffic and lead generating content.

The company has emerged as a full-fledged content marketing agency, which received prestigious awards from Google. Over the years, they have become stronger in the market and give tough competition to the leading content writing companies in the global market.

Founded: 2010
Hourly Rates: < $25/hr
Team Size: 10 – 49
Location: India

Service Offerings: Content Creation, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, SEO Content, Social Media Content, and Visual Content

Ratings: 5/5
Website: https://www.justwords.in

5. Abhi Content Writer: best content writing company

top content writing company

Abhi Content Writer in 2012 along with the four juniors from Techno India Salt Lake Campus. Over the past seven years, through arduous and out-and-out committed service, it is now the most famous content writing agency all over India.

The company started its journey with a limited workforce, but soon it became a team of 18 full-time and 13 part-time content writers, and it’s still growing. Until now, they have served 350+ global clients belonging to startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

Founded: 2012
Hourly Rates: < $25/hr
Team Size: 10 – 49
Location: India

Service Offerings: Content Marketing Strategy, Digital Consultancy, Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Online Presence Analysis, and Affiliate Management

Ratings: 4.20/5
Website: https://www.abhicontentwriter.com

6. Das Writing Services PVT. LTD.: seo content writing company

best content writing company

Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned content writing agency in India, which has crafted and curated the top-notch SEO content writing service in India and abroad. Their in-house content writing experts provide customized and unique write-ups for every industry. They provide a wide range of content writing services that includes blog, article, web content, resume writing, press release, and more.

As a fast-growing content writing agency, they primarily focus on providing quality content strictly adhering to their principles. The company takes pride in saying that they have served over 350+ satisfied global clients over this short tenure.

Founded: 2011
Hourly Rates: < $25/hr
Team Size: 10 – 49
Location: India

Service Offerings: Article Writing, Blog Writing, Website Content Writing, Technical Writing, Social Media Post, Creative Writing, Copywriting and Voice Optimized Content

Ratings: 5/5
Website: https://www.daswritingservices.com

7. SEO Content India: B2B content writing agency

seo content writing company

SEO Content India writes high-quality, well-researched, and SEO-optimized content for all the different genres. Besides the content writing services, they also provide SMO, SEO, and ORM services.

The company has employed the top content writers of India who follow the best content writing practices to maintain a stellar reputation of the client’s website in the market. For quality and accuracy, senior editors of the company always edit and proofread the contents before publishing.

Founded: 2015
Hourly Rates: $25 – $49/hr
Team Size: 10 – 49
Location: India

Service Offerings: Academic Writing, SEO content writing, Article, Technical Content Writing, Website Content Writing, SEO Copywriting, Product Description Writing, Product Review Writing, Blog Writing, Press Release Writing, Ebook Writing, Travel Writing, Medical Writing and Newsletter Writing

Ratings: 5/5
Website: https://www.seocontentindia.in

8. Thesis GLOBAL: B2C content writing agency

content marketing company

Thesis Global is a top content writing company in the market. They provide the best quality professional writing services for dissertation and thesis writing requirements.

The company’s services include dissertation editing and proofreading, thesis writing, medical research, writing, and editing services. Their professional writer always ensures to prepare high-quality research documents within the given deadline.

Team Size: 10 – 49
Location: India

Service Offerings: Ph.D. Thesis Help, Ph.D. Synopsis Service, Ph.D. Projects Help, Ph.D. Topic Consultation and Selection Service, Thesis Writing Help India

Ratings: 3/5
Website: https://www.mythesis.co.in

9. Thesis India: content marketing company

B2B content writing agency

Thesis India is the most trusted content writing agency in India providing thesis writing services. They offer complete Ph.D. thesis assistance to Ph.D. or Master’s students with theoretical research.

The company has employed expert writers from every field to help the students prepare their thesis at affordable rates. They offer quality thesis writing, topic selection, editing, Ph.D. project help, and more.

Team Size: 2 – 9
Location: India

Service Offerings: Writing Services, Thesis Writing, and Dissertation Writing

Ratings: 3/5
Website: https://www.mythesis.co.in

10. Fractional CMO: content marketing agency

B2C content writing agency

Founded in 2017, Fractional CMO is a popular content marketing agency in India. The Customer-First approach has been the success mantra since its inception. Based out of Seattle and with offices in India, they serve SaaS, Real Estate, E-commerce, and Manufacturing companies with digital marketing services.

The company’s shared passion for marketing merged with technology experience allows the organizations to meet their sales and marketing goals.

Founded: 2017
Hourly Rates: $50 – $99 / hr
Team Size: 2 – 9
Location: India, Seattle

Service Offerings: Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing

Ratings: 4.5/5
Website: https://fractionalcmo.io

11. ATop Digital: top content writing agency

top content writing agency india 1

ATop Digital is one of the most popular content writing agencies in India. They offer top-quality digital content solutions to clients.

The company’s primary focus lies in achieving more ROI for your business from conceptualization to execution and delivery. They will help you in creating the best content for you, representing your business objectives best. They also ensure that the writeups they provide are grammatically correct and 100% unique.

Founded: 2009
Hourly Rates: < $25 / hr
Team Size: 2 – 9
Location: India, USA

Service Offerings: Blog Writing, Article Writing, Guest Blogging, Content Strategy, Press Releases, Website Content, Copywriting, Social media content, Case Studies, SEO Content, Technical Writing, Copy Editing & Proofreading, Ghostwriting, eBook Writing, Whitepapers, Product Descriptions, Newsletters, Infographics & Visual Content, Content Consulting, Landing Page Copy

Ratings: 4.5/5
Website: https://www.atopdigital.com/

Concluding Thoughts

Content writing companies offer a high level of accountability which you can’t get from a freelance writer. For example, if your freelance writer quits before completing a big project or provides a lackluster piece of content they are not ready to change – it isn’t much you can do.

Whereas a professional content writing company, the project will be automatically reassigned if a writer backs out and finishes it within the given timeframe. Outsourcing content to a content marketing company is an efficient plus cost-effective solution for businesses looking for on-demand content for short and long-term requirements.

So, that’s all with the list of top content writer companies in India and the benefits of working with them. These firms offer the best quality write-ups for your business. I hope you will get the right from the above-shared list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs asked by our reader about hiring an content writing agency in India. Hope these FAQs answer your queries too:


What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Content Writing Agency?

Benefits of content writing company

Content writing services have been in the market for a decade, and their reach has become global in the past few years. According to a survey, the content marketing industry will be worth $412bn by 2021.

Now it has become an indispensable need of the online world, and that’s why companies are looking to hire content writers for their business. As a result, all sizes of businesses are now using the internet as a weapon to gain more exposure than ever. 

But still, I can see some entrepreneurs questioning the importance of hiring content writing agencies for their business. So, to make their doubts clear, I have listed the benefits of content writing for their business. Take a look into these once.

#1. Possess a Full Variety of Content Types
When you hire a content writing company, you will explore different types of content that may bring some profitable results. Additionally, it benefits you in various ways like:
It relieves you from the stress of writing multiple content types, especially when you are a startup or having a small business.
You will work with a single content writing agency that can do all without any mistakes or quality compromises. It even lets you do content experiments that can work best for your company and clients, and all this is done under the expert’s guidance.

#2. Appropriate Content Reach
Outsourcing content creation services can help in awakening people’s interest. In addition, many writing agencies are skillful in social media; thus, improving your social media marketing plan means getting more attention to your business.

#3. Builds Profitable & Trustworthy Marketing Relationship
Working with the right content writing company builds a long-term relationship that you can use for promoting top-of-the-line content. With your business knowledge and market status, they will write exactly what you need to include in your content, and that too with efficiency. 

After hiring a reliable content marketing company, you can expect a hike in your working efficiency and success rate, even beyond your business expectations.

#4. Manage Content Marketing Strategy
Outsourcing your services to a reputable content writing company will quickly boost your business content marketing strategy. In addition, a professional B2B content writing agency can help you achieve what you need most effectively if you already have an existing content plan.

Whereas, if you have no strategies, the content marketing company will prepare it from scratch. Always remember, every excellent enterprise has to attract potential clients using all available resources they have.

#5. Achieve a Regular & Consistent  Work Quality
By hiring an SEO content writing company, you can maintain a high level of quality in the long projects despite the content types. However, if you are not proficient in writing, keep in mind that preparing up-to-date and the best possible tasks can become tricky for you.

Therefore, when you hire a content writing agency, professional writers will take care of the project. They also know how to maintain the standardization, competence, and reputation that attractive content needs.

#6. Receive More ROI
Hiring a content writing agency will bring more readers and get more value for your work and encourage more interest in your goods and services. Hence, a first-class writing company will always give the best writers they have employed.

But also be careful, because not every content writing agency is reliable and professional in this field. Some have employed native and non-native English writers within their staff, producing average content instead of top-quality write-up.

So, always hire a professional content writing agency that I have mentioned in my list. They provide the content of native English writers only.

#7. Increase Your Enthusiasm
Working with a B2B content writing company also increases your business enthusiasm.  It will help you stay keen on your business. The tasks like choosing a content type and deciding what suits you best are time-consuming and consume much time. 

By hiring a content writing company, you can concentrate on more pressing matters for your company.

#8. Use External Expertise

Outsourcing content writing services make it possible for a business to leverage the expertise and abilities of professional content writers. In this way, you can take advantage of outsourcing agencies to improve work quality, increase expertise, and enhance your content’s quality. 

#9. Save Your Valuable Time through Multitasking
One significant advantage of outsourcing is time-saving. Professional and experienced content writing agencies provide excellent work quickly (depending on the project range).

Also, partnering with a writing firm gives you time to complete several projects simultaneously. You can focus on other priorities without troubling others. Thus, hiring a content writing agency can save your precious time and allow you to plan better for your business.

#10. Stay within Your Business Budget Boundaries 
A Content writing company saves your money too. A reputable agency will prepare your content and save you money at the same time. It’s possible and better than other options like hiring a freelance content writer or employing your own in-house content writing team.  

Besides, you don’t have to worry about giving full-time employees benefits. Finally, it takes a weight off your back and makes you more flexible with your budget plus calendar.

However, there are many benefits of hiring a content writing company for your business. The above-listed points are the major ones; you can consider these benefits and plan accordingly to achieve the best business returns.


What is Content Writing?

Content writing is planning, writing, and editing the contents available only. It’s generally for digital marketing purposes. It includes blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, and more. All these contents are for specific platforms like text posts on Reddit, tweetstorms on Twitter, etc.


How many articles content writers write daily?

Generally, content writers write five to ten articles a day. But, some full-time writers can also write twenty articles a day. You can obviously get more if you hire a professional writing service provider.


Do content writers charge on a word basis or hourly basis?

Today content writers generally charge on a word basis which ranges from $0.1 – $2 per word.


What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO writing includes a set of keywords and key phrases within the web content. Copywriters and marketers use these writeups to increase their website’s online visibility and search engine rankings. The best way of writing SEO content is to pair high-quality sentences with the targeted search terms.


How do content writers ensure content uniqueness?

The content writers in the writing agencies write unique content always and they guarantee its uniqueness with the tools available online like Grammarly, Copyscape, and more. Whichever content they write, they check its plagiarism first in these tools to make sure their write-ups are 100% unique.


What are the main services that a content writing company provides?

The major services that a content writing company offers are Website Content, Press Release, Blog Writing, Infographics Designing, Email Writing, Product Description, Case Studies, Content Editing/Proofreading, Video Content, Newsletter, Technical Writing, and Academic Writing.


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