10 Best Freelance Angular Developers


Freelance Angular Developers

With the introduction of Single Page Applications (SPA) many industries and organizations are planning to build their application as a single page application. Due to its fast loading time, better efficiency and easy maintainability single page application has become the number one choice for every person who wants to build a web application for their organization.

Talking about Single Page Applications, the number one thing that comes into our mind is Angular. ReactJS and VueJS can be an alternative but building SPA’s using Angular has its own advantages which other libraries and frameworks cannot give. Current trends had shown an increase in the usage of React JS while building a SPA’s but Angular framework has turned out to be an evergreen framework to be used for SPA’s. Building a single page application can be a very tedious task if one will not get a suitable developer who can actually determine the requirement for the application.

Failing to hire an appropriate developer might lead to wastage of valuable time and efforts to an organization which can further lead to more consequences. Hiring a perfect Angular developer to build your web application is indeed a very important task not only for the development of your product but also for the maintenance of the same product in the future.

On the basis of clean code, better maintainability and on client reviews we have shortlisted some of the finest freelance Angular developers at a minimum cost who can actually build your SPA within a minimum time span, better communication and a better understanding of the requirements for the product. We have also mentioned there respective linkedin profiles which you can use to reach them out.

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Here is the list:

Piyush (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

Piyush is the youngest and finest angular developers in our list, having a great experience in Angular, solidity and ethereum. With more than 10 projects delivered and an experience of 7 plus years, while building applications on Angular, he has secured the top position in our list and can be the number one priority while hiring a freelance angular developer. He has consistently maintained top reviews from his clients. With his strong knowledge, good quality and a better understanding of the requirements of the product he is able to secure the first position in our list.

Justin Calvo (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

He is a top Angular developer with a master’s degree from Georgetown University. He has more experience in successfully delivering more than 52 client projects and maintained good reviews. He has a hobby of participating in coding contests to brush up his skills in his spare time.

Viacheslav(Slavik) Semenenko (Enterprise PHP Architect, Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

With more than 14 years plus of experience in coding, he is definitely one of the most experienced developers in our list. He has maintained huge proponent of coding standards. He has good experience in architecture, scaling, high traffic and load balancing which helped him to secure 4th  position in our list.

Chris Green (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

Chris is a seasoned developer who will thrive hard with energy to meet the requirements. Over the past  decade

He has delivered good results in terms of efficiency and delivering the project well on time. With high standards and proper maintainability of the code, Chris can be a good choice to hire as a Freelance Angular developer.

Nikita Demyaneko (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

Over the past decade, Nikita has been working as a database developer and a full-stack .Net developer. Database development is his best part. He has worked with a lot of corporation building their products including CBS, Lifetime Television and Universal Studios. He is eager to work on different projects with different databases and building tools.

Maxin Ugnichenko (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

From the past 10 years, Maxin has proven his ability to work on different projects by maintaining positive reviews from his clients. He has proven his ability to solve multiple problems and getting things done which is indeed the most important attribute that one finds in a successful software developer. He is a great team player, mentor and thought leader.

Lavanya Gutti (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

With total experience of 8 years in java, She has been working in angular development from past 3 years. Following high code standards and proper maintainability helped her to secure her position in the list. She has worked in start-ups as well as big corporations like TCS, IBM.  She is a good team player and has the ability to solve problems while developing.

Mitali Mahanta (Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

Mitali is known to build Angular projects from scratch. She has proved herself successful to fulfil the requirements of the project as per the client says. Having an experience of more the 4 years now, Mitali is well deserved to secure this spot in our list. She has delivered more than 7 projects in Angular and that entirely from scratch. She also maintained high reviews and nice ratings from her clients meanwhile.

Suresh Kallem ( Freelance Angular Developer )

freelance angular developer

Worked as a team lead on Angular projects, Suresh has a good overall experience in developing and delivering Angular projects. He has huge experience mainly in service-based industries in IT which helped him to work on client-side. This experience can definitely help him in Freelancing by proper understanding of the requirement and delivering it. Suresh is known for his team spirit and problem-solving ability while building enterprise-level projects. He can be a good choice as a freelance for working on your dream project.

Nicholas Wakeman (Freelance Angular Developer)

freelance angular developer

Last but not least Nick has been an architecting and developing applications from over a decade now. He has worked majorly on PHP and Python projects. In addition to a rich full-stack skill set his ability to communicate effectively has helped his clients a lot while building projects. Over the last few years, he has enjoyed delivering projects in both enterprise applications and interface design.

That was our top 10 list of the best freelance developers that are available now. You can definitely contact them regarding your dream project and we are assured that they can help you best of their abilities to help your dream application come true.

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