10 Top Mobile App Development Companies in India & USA

top mobile ap development companies in India

Are you looking for hiring a reliable firm to take care of your new project? You have come to the right place. Here we are going to talk about the top, highly ranked mobile app development companies in India and the United States.

We have created this list of best mobile app development companies after careful examination and thorough research. We believe in providing you with all the information you need to be successful and get the maximum ROI. You can start by reading what you should do to find the perfect match for your business needs.

Before we begin, I would like to introduce myself first. I’m Ryan Roy (LinkedIn): a software technology consultant with experience of 12+ years. I have been giving advice to the businesses, ISVs, startups, and entrepreneurs and help them in finding the best mobile app development companies in India & USA as per their business requirements and budgetary constraints.

Top Mobile App Development Companies: Selection Parameters

We have handpicked our mobile app development companies after a thorough examination of each firm. We cross-checked with multiple rating websites and quality protocols to come up with this listing. Here are some parameters we used to narrow down our search for mobile app development companies:

  • We started with creating a list of all the top-ranking mobile application development companies in India and the US.
  • Our search began by comparing the online ratings and reviews of each firm. 
  • We only list the top ten best results that we found in our research that are utterly reliable.
  • We also looked into their experience, number of staff members, area of expertise, hourly rate, maximum project size they take, and certificates if any.

This should be enough information to help you decide on what will be the best mobile app development companies you want to hire for your next project.

Top Mobile App Development Companies: An Overview

Now, let us look into the top-performing mobile app development companies that create mobile applications and can help you establish your business in the online market. It will help you choose the ones that fit your requirements and budget as a startup business.

Rank #1: AppsDevPro: A 20+ year-old mobile app development company with expertise in bringing the best quality and excellent service in minimal time.

Rank #2: TechnoScore: A team designed to speed up your success and take your business to new heights.

Rank #3: Prismetric: They excel in creating customer-centric mobile and web applications that are perfect for your business and help it grow.

Rank #4: ProtonsHub Technologies: A reputed firm that boasts of knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies with a blend of creativity by experts.

Rank #5: Techugo: A mobile app development company that believes in delivering services beyond expectation.

Rank #6: SoluLab: A reputed firm with experts who have an amalgamation of passion, expertise, and knowledge in key areas to get you the best results.

Rank #7: OpenXcell: A premium brand name in custom mobile app development services in India and abroad.

Rank #8: RippenApps: A spectacular establishment that believes in crafting your app idea into an amazing experience. 

Rank #9: Dev Technosys LLC: A mobile app development company that just completed 10 years of offering custom end-to-end solutions to global clients.

Rank #10:The NineHertz: A fast-growing firm that builds solutions that are trending, retain audience, and increase business demand.

Each of these mobile app development companies is better than the other and well-performing because of their high-quality standards, expertise, and punctuality. You can select anyone listed here and be sure of your success.

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Top Mobile App Development Companies: A Detailed Explaination

We have prepared a more in-depth analysis of each of these mobile app development companies for you. Continue reading to find out more. Have a look at detailed explanation of these top mobile app development companies in India & USA

1. AppsDevPro

top mobile app development companies in India

It is a prime establishment in India and overseas, with over 500+ full-time employees. They work dedicatedly to create new, innovative, feature-rich solutions for your organization. AppsDevPro takes on any project regardless of the industry size and type. You can get developers, designers, project managers all under one roof.

They can also be flexible with prices, teams, and engagement models. You can rely on them to offer you ISO-certified, world-class, secure solutions within tight deadlines. There is also a zero-billing guarantee that the company offers to clients who are not completely satisfied with the company’s performance.

2. TechnoScore

mobile application development companies India

It is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India. They have the tools, technology, and talent to create best-in-class solutions within tight deadlines. Their client list includes both high-end enterprises and startups. They have certified engineers who guarantee maximum client satisfaction.

TechnoScore team is full of vigor, creativity, and zeal to create something that can stand out from the competition. A solution that maximizes customer attention, engagement, retention, and conversions. You can ask TechnoScore to discuss your project 24*7 to solve any of your queries.

3. Prismetric

mobile app development firms India

They are a flawless firm that aims at offering glitch-free solutions that turn their client’s dreams into a reality. They use their knowledge, technology, and other resources to meet any business scenario with complete confidence. The company believes in delivering results that are of high-value, competent, and technically trending.

You can also rely on their uniqueness, potential, and ideas to enhance the business fortune and kick start your startup. They add creativity to your business and make it technically competitive in their respective industry. They believe in offering solutions in time with dedication, expertise, and commitment to their goals.

4. ProtonsHub Technologies

mobile app development agencies India

It is one of the reputed mobile app development companies that focuses on custom, innovative, and digitally transformational solutions in minimal time. They aim to offer affordable, advanced, and award-winning solutions to their clients. They are a competitive group of technicians, designers, and app developers who try to solve tough business problems easily.

ProtonsHub Technologies is counted among trusted mobile app development companies in India that cater to several clients in diverse industries using their strong marketing skills. They are relatively new to the industry but already have made a name for themselves in the market. You can trust them to offer you world-class solutions that are visually stunning and are quite successful in the actual world.

5. Techugo

custom mobile app development companies India

They stand for digital innovation and meeting client expectations with everlasting passion and a customer-centric vision. They aim to deliver end-to-end solutions for fully responsive, SEO-friendly web and mobile applications. You can trust them to build you an economical solution in a minimal amount of time.

Counted among leading mobile app development companies in India, their services are exceptional and well-established in the industry by their upstanding reputation and rave reviews in the market. You can rely on them to deliver your dreams and turn them into a reality. They take their time to understand complex technologies and create an easy interface for the end-users.

6. SoluLab

mobile app development companies India

They have been growing in the industry and learned from their experience working in the market for years. Their mobile app development services are best-in-class with professionals working in your time zone. You can rely on them to be well-organized, punctual, experienced in ensuring the success of their clients.

Counted among leading mobile app development companies in India, they have the vision and passion to move ahead in the competitive world and stay on top. They have been generous and kind, not just to their customers, employees, and investors, but also to the community. SoluLab has been actively organizing events and charities to contribute towards the welfare of their local community.

7. OpenXcell

mobile app development companies India

A very affordable, reliable, customer-oriented firm that believes in delivering quality over quantity. They have been working in the industry for quite some time, garnering respect and rave reviews with their experience. You can trust them to build you an application that performs well not only for the customers but also for the investors. 

Counted among acknowledged mobile app development companies in India, they have a strict policy to cater equally to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. They have been building a company that empowers clients globally using the latest technologies. Their company has the means and resources to establish a brand in the technological world and help it grow successfully.

8. RippenApps

mobile application development agencies India

A winning mobile app development company that believes in targeted results, empowering their client’s businesses and delivering bespoke solutions. Their technical insights and vast experience have been crucial to their success. They convert good ideas into potentially successful apps. 

Ranked among top mobile app development companies in India, They have been offering trending apps that multiple your return on investment and delight the users. They aim to help businesses target, engage, and gain customers. You can trust them to be an asset to your company. You can even ask them to Flutter, Native, or wearable device app development. 

9. Dev Technosys LLC

mobile app development companies India

You can rely on the diverging solutions that the company provides to boost the earning potential of a business. You can also trust the agency to be digitally advanced, innovative, and secure to offer the best services to their clients. They turn your ideas into great apps that launch your startup into a well-established enterprise.

Counted among leading mobile app development companies in India, they are a dynamic group of people who believe in providing a complete development process, from start till finish. They create solutions that strengthen the technical core of a business and lead them in their industry domain. Their vast pool of talent has the experience and skills to render advanced development services.

10. NineHertz

mobile app development companies India

It is a prominent business in developing mobile apps with clients from all across the world. They have been taking technology to new heights using a committed team and a well-organized business strategy. They have been offering excellent, accurate, and affordable services that follow international standards of coding.

Ranked among best mobile app development companies in India, they have been using skills and expertise to create solutions that bridge the gap between people and technology. They organize multiple workshops and events to update their employees for self-growth. The company is not only responsible but also technologically advanced to create a great mobile application for your startup.

To Wrap It Up

There are plenty of more mobile app development companies that offer many similar services. This post will help you understand the top-ranked ones that have their base both in India and in the United States.

You can use this blog as a reference to gathering information when looking for a mobile app development service provider. You can also use this blog before any research and planning for your new project.

This post will guide you in understanding the market that finding the right fit for your business requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions often asked by some our readers related to mobile app development companies in India. Hope you can find asnwers of your own query here. If you have any further query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

What is The Cost of Developing A Mobile App In India?

Mobile developers here are much more affordable than in western countries. Here an average mobile app development agency charges USD 50 per hour.

This lowers the total cost of the project and brings it to about USD 50,000 to USD 55,000. This depends on several factors including, the complexity, size, number of features, platforms of your app.


What is the Cost of Mobile App Development Services in the United States?

The overall cost of mobile application projects increases in developed nations in western nations like the United States. This is because the cost per hour of a developer is much higher than compared to developing nations in India and eastern Europe.

An average mobile app developer charges USD 100-120 per hour for creating an application. This brings up the overall cost of your project to USD 100,000 to 110,000 for a single platform. This is significantly higher considering you can get the same quality at affordable prices from developing nations. 

They have their reputation to uphold and need to establish themselves in the market. Hence, they offer custom solutions at a lower cost. They are quite secure, trustworthy, time-conscience, and with the latest infrastructure. 

They have the skills, technology, and other resources to help a business rise on top. Hence, it is best to choose a firm that has both offices in the United States and India. This way you get the service quality that meets international standards and prices of the developing nations.


How Much Time Does It to Develop A Mobile Application?

On average, it might take a developer to create, design, customize, and deploy an app in about three to nine months. It all depends on the complexity, size of the project, and the number of platforms you want to target. Each stage of the project requires different time allocation, which can differ according to the table below:

= The research work takes around 4 to 5 weeks
= The designing work takes around 6 to 12 weeks
= Creating an MVP takes around 3 to 4 weeks
= The development takes around 6 to 8 weeks
= The deployment takes around 2 weeks


What are the tips to choose the best mobile application development firm

Here are some tips that you can choose to choose the best mobile app development companies as per your specific business needs and requirements:

Create A Plan:
Plan a checklist of your goals and expectations. Talk to your investors about budget and time allocation. Discuss with your team about platforms, framework, and features that you will need in your app.

Don’t Restrict Your Options:
Be open to looking for service providers outside your areas of business. If you broaden your search parameters, you will find several great options in developing nations delivering high-quality work. 

Ask A Lot Of Questions: 
You can ask them all about their process, missions, values, and goals. Choose the one that fits your expectations.
Research More: 
We helped you narrow down your list to a minimum size, but it is always better to do your research. Start by reading about their client reviews, ratings, case studies, etc. These will guide you to make a well-informed decision. 

Don’t Commit:
Take your time to select your mobile application development company. Talk to the team, managers, and other support staff. Many firms even offer free consultations or demonstrations of your work. Assign a minor task for them to each and compare results.


Do you want to send us any recommentdation related to this list of top mobile app development companies in India? Feel free to write in comment box. I will try to reply all your queries as early as possible.

Hey! I am Ryan Roy. Sr. software technology consultant at StandardFirms. I have 10+ years of expertise in provide software technology related advises to small businesses as well as large enterprises. I also love to write down my experience through blog in StandardFirms. You can connect with on my LinkedIn profile or by commenting in blog. Hope you like my blog.

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