10 Top Software Outsourcing Companies in India

Top software outsourcing companies

Everybody wants to save their cost in the custom software development project, and software development outsourcing is one of the best ways to save cost and time. When it comes to software outsourcing, India is a preferred destination. But, but, but which are the top software outsourcing companies in India? This is really a herculean task to find the best company in thousands of companies.

A wrong software outsourcing company can cost you time, money, as well as peace of mind. In my 8 years of software consulting experience, I have seen many businesses losing their money after choosing a bad firm for their software outsourcing project. Therefore, you have to be cautious while choosing a software outsourcing firm for your project.

First of all, let me introduce myself here. I am a software technology consultant with over 8+ years of experience in offering tips and advice to budding enterprises on how to grow business by saving money and time.

To ease down your search work, I listed 10 best software outsourcing companies in India. I have sorted this list on the following parameters:

  • My personal experience in software consulting
  • Google organic search analysis
  • Checking the credibility of the company by analyzing company ratings
  • Checking work culture and employee satisfaction.
  • Contacting top clients of the company personally and checking their satisfaction level.
  • Analyzing the present portfolio and the work history of the company.
  • Checking the balance between value for money and the quality of software solutions provided.
  • Comparison between overall development cost and quality of the software solution provided.

So, here is the ranking list of top software outsourcing companies on the above parameters:

= Rank 1: PixelCrayons, India. Has maintained the top position for 5+ years. It is an award-winning Indian outsourcing firm.

= Rank 2: TatvaSoft. Has moved one level up. It is good for startups looking for effective and efficient software.

= Rank 3: Menlo Technologies. A good software outsourcing firm although the cost is a little high.

= Rank 4: Fingent. Moved slightly down from the previous position, still a good choice for startups and enterprises.

= Rank 5: Zibtek. A popular software outsourcing organization that has moved one position up this time.

= Rank 6: Sourcebits. A leading software outsourcing agency based in India.

= Rank 7: Codiant. A trusted offshore software outsourcing company. It maintains its position.

= Rank 8: GA Technocare. Offering robust software outsourcing to its clients. Has maintained its position.

= Rank 9: Space-O-Technologies. A good software outsourcing India-based firm. Providing efficient software outsourcing services to global clients.

= Rank 10: Fueled. Leading Indian outsourcing organization for more than 14 years.

Let’s have a deep insight into all of these top software outsourcing firms in India:

Rank 1: PixelCrayons: An Award-Winning Software Outsourcing Firm



PixelCrayons is an award-winning software IT outsourcing agency from India. It was founded in 2004. And from that time, it has offered world-class services to more than 4800 clients across the globe.

Moreover, this software outsourcing organization is popular among its clients for the agile development process and SLA driven approach. It delivers IT projects on time decided by clients.

If we look at its client retention rate, then this outsourcing company has a client retention rate of 97%. With 450+ skilled and well-trained employees, this company has acquired 70% CAGR over the previous 3 years.

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Rank 2. TatvaSoft. A company that offers expert and dedicated team of software developers.


TatvaSoft is a firm that outsources dedicated teams of web developers and designers. It entered the market in 2004 and started making its name by offering the best quality teams. Soon, it got numerous satisfied clients and now, it is one of topmost India based IT firms that outsource a dedicated team of skilled and well-trained professionals.

Presently, this software outsourcing agency has more than 2500 satisfied clients with a client retention rate of 97%. With 450+ skilled and dedicated employees, it offers world-class IT outsourcing services.

Rank 3: Menlo Technologies. An esteemed Indian software outsourcing company


Menlo Technologies is a trusted software outsourcing organization that has specialization in cloud integration, data analytics, and mobile technology. The company has partnerships with various renowned firms like Microsoft, Dell Boomi, and Looker.

It uses a unique global delivery model in order to fulfill increasing customer expectations in several aspects like quantity, cost and time.

This esteemed software outsourcing agency focuses on Global Delivery Model, Deep industry experience and client satisfaction.

Rank 4. Fingent. An Indian software outsourcing firm


Started in 2003, Fingent is a renowned software outsourcing agency from India. It has expertise across 20+ different types of industries. Moreover, it has an active client base across 4 continents. It has its clients from around 14 countries in the world.

Also, this firm has good ratings on reliable platforms such as Clutch and Goodfirms. Hence, it can easily be concluded that this firm has a good track record from its inception.

Rank 5. Zibtek. A leading software outsourcing agency from India


Founded in 2009, this software outsourcing agency offers world-class services to all its clients from different corners of the world. This firm has worked with startups, small enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.

It provides planning software products that generate revenue, reduces cost and transforms the business of its clients. With a team of 45+ employees, this firm is growing at a good speed.

Rank 6. Sourcebits. An Indian organization that outsources software solutions


Sourcebits is one of the top software outsourcing agencies in India. It was founded in 2006 and from that time, it is growing with increasing speed. With 240+ employees, it has maintained a good position in the market.

Key clients of this firm are Adobe, Bank of America and IBM. This software outsourcing agency has good ratings on popular platforms like Clutch and Goodfirms. Also, it is a multinational company that has branches across three countries- India, USA, and the UK.

Rank 7. Cygnet Infotech LLC. A well-known software outsourcing firm from India


Cygnet is a renowned software outsourcing company from India. This firm has a proven track record of more than 18 years. Cygnet has delivered 1400+ effective and efficient software solutions to its clients across the globe.

With 250+ skilled employees, this company has maintained its position from the last five years. It is good for startups, small businesses and large enterprises. Some of the key clients of this software outsourcing firm are Art Guild, Qorus and Tata Power.

Rank 8. GA Technocare. A trusted firm from India that outsources software solutions


GA Technocare is amongst top software outsourcing companies from India. It was started in 2011 and from then it kept growing at a good speed. With 240+ employees, it is offering world-class software solutions to its clients across the globe.

This organization has always focused on complete customer satisfaction and has a proven track record of various years. Also, it has good ratings on popular platforms like the clutch and Good firms.

Rank 9. Space-O-Technologies. A leading software outsourcing organization from India


Founded in 2010, Space-O-Technologies has more than 8 years of expertise in offering world-class software solutions to its clients across the world. Within this considerable amount of time of 8 years, this outsourcing organization has created more than 3500 different software solutions for clients from 12 different industry verticals.

Moreover, this outsourcing agency has 200+ employees. Also, it has good reviews on popular portals like goodfirms and clutch.

Rank 10. Fueled. A leading Indian firm that outsources effective software solutions


Fueled looks a firm for clients of all sizes. It was founded in 2007 and has 250+ employees in its organization. Moreover, it has 4.9+ ratings on goodfirms and clutch that implies towards its good track record.

Having the expertise of more than 11 years, it has created various software solutions from several global clients.

Here are some more good software outsourcing companies that you can consider:

Rank 11. Codiant. A trusted Indian outsourcing organization

Started in 2010, this firm has gained popularity and kept growing with good speed. Presently, it is delivering outstanding software services through its 250+ employees. The organization has a minimum limit of $10,000 per project.

Moreover, charges for the clients are <$25 per hour. Some of the clients that this company has startups, small businesses, and large organizations. Also, this company has a proven track record of 6+ years of keeping its clients happy and satisfied.

Rank 12. Net Solutions. A renowned software company that outsource

Net Solutions is one of the top software outsourcing firms operating in India. It has a specialization in mobility and outsourced product development. It was founded in 2000.

Having the expertise of around 15+ years, the company is offering world-class software solutions to all the clients from different corners of the world.

Moreover, this firm has 250+ employees. And its key clients are Microsoft, Yahoo, Unilever, and Xerox.

Rank 13. Cabot Technology Solutions. A leading Indian Software outsourcing company

Cabot Technology Solutions is one of the trusted Indian software outsourcing organizations that deliver high valued, cost-effective and efficient solutions to the clients across the globe.

Since its inception in 2006, it kept moving towards the top and presently, it is having more than 200 employees in its organization. This firm also provides IT consulting with various software solutions.

Rank 14. GoodWorkLabs. A good IT outsourcing company with a good track record

GoodWorkLabs is among the top software outsourcing agencies from India that deliver the best quality software solutions to several business domains and global clients. This firm utilizes a unique approach towards delivering high quality and efficient software solution at the decided timeline.

This agency puts more focus on client satisfaction and has a good client retention rate.

Rank 15. Mind IT Systems. A reputed from India to outsource software development

Mind IT Systems is India’s leading organization that outsources software solutions to clients sitting in a different country. It was founded in 2014 and has the expertise of 4+ years in the software outsourcing domain.

Yes, this is a new entrant. But it has a good track record of the previous 4 years. It has maintained its position in the market. With around 30 employees, this firm is creating world-class software for various global clients.

Some of the key clients of this company are Times OH, Make my trip and Educomp.

Rank 16. Peerbits. Software outsourcing firms based in India

Peerbits was founded in 2011. It has more than 100 employees in its organization. Moreover, it is providing efficient software solutions to all global clients from the previous 6+ years.

Moreover, this software outsourcing firm has completed more than 300 projects till now. It has good reviews on esteemed platforms like goodfirms and clutch. Also, It has big clients like Medtronic.

Rank 17. Appinventiv. A leading software outsourcing agency from India

Appinventiv is among the top companies that offer software solutions to various clients sitting in different countries of the world. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has created 700+ software for its clients.
Moreover, this firm has 300+ employees. Also, this firm has good reviews on platforms such as clutch and goodfirms. Hence, it seems a good company for startups as well as big businesses.

Rank 18. Cumulations. A trusted software outsourcing agency from India

Cumulations is an India based firm that outsources software, especially for healthcare and multimedia sectors. Since its inception in 2012, it has completed around 100 successful projects given by global clients.

Moreover, this India based agency has 30+ employees. If we look at the track record of this firm, then it has really a good track record as it has good ratings on popular platforms like clutch and Goodfirms.

Rank 19. SynapseIndia. A leading Indian firm that outsources software

SynapseIndia is a software outsourcing firm that has around 500 satisfied clients and that too in a short span of just 4 years. It is amazing, isn’t it? This firm looks better for a startup or an enterprise looking to get his software project done efficiently.

Moreover, it has more than 100 software developers. With the help of these developers, this outsourcing firm has delivered 650 projects to various clients from more than 50 countries of the world.

Rank 20. IntellectSoft. One of the top firms for software outsourcing

IntellectSoft is among one of the top software consulting firms in India. It provides efficient software solutions to large enterprises and fortune 500 companies. Moreover, this company is most suitable for large scale projects.

Having more than 11 years of experience in the software outsourcing domain, it seems an ideal software outsourcing agency. This organization also works on the latest technologies like AR and chatbots.

How To Choose the Right Software Outsourcing Companies in India as Per Your Business Need?

= Looking for the process that can help you to reach out to the right software outsourcing firm in India?

= Planning to find out the right software outsourcing company in India and that too with least efforts?


Here, I will explain what things to consider while selecting a decent and trustworthy outsourcing firm for your next software development project.

1. The reputation of the software outsourcing firm

As there are so many laravel development companies saying that they provide the best laravel development services, it comes out to be difficult enough to find the right one. Here, the best option that you have is to check the entire reputation of the laravel development firms.

For this, you will need to collect the details of the companies through their reviews, portfolios, experience in the IT industry, the services they offer, etc. Furthermore, It will be quite helpful to have information about various laravel development firms operating in the market.

2. Check Customer Service of the software outsourcing firm

Customer service has a crucial role in choosing a trusted laravel development firm. Going with a firm that has poor customer service will end with a big nightmare which you might have never imagined!

Such a firm fails at the time of installing and implementing. Reputed and well-established laravel development firms know the value of their customers very well and hence, they offer amazing customer service.

They are quite experienced and very well know how to take care of their customers and they never step back when you request support.

3. Cost-Effectiveness of the software outsourcing companies

Though money might be the most major factor that everyone considers at the time of making plans for mobile app development, most of the businessmen look for quality products at a reasonable price rate.

Quality apps are somewhat expensive. However, there are certain app development companies that have good expertise in their domain. You can connect with them in order to get quality services at an affordable price range.

4. The efficiency of the Team that software outsourcing companies have

It is always important to check whether the team is well equipped with professional and efficient laravel developers. Once you check it, only then going ahead is worthy.

Moreover, you should also know about which technologies are they going to implement in order to bring life to your laravel based dream app.

Wrapping Up:

I have that now you have a clear idea about the top companies from India that outsource software solutions to various global clients. In case you think that there should be more companies added to this list, please give me your feedback in the comment box. I will look at these and will make the decision accordingly.



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