8 Top Web Development Trends in 2021 (Eye-openers)

web development trends

Today more than 1.8 BILLION websites are available on the Internet. Each site has its concept and strategy.


Very few know why? New trends are emerging every day, and with these dynamic trends, web developers need to keep track of these trends to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest elements and not follow traditional paths.

Over the years, website development has become an indispensable ingredient in the success of any organization. Technology advancement has shown a vast evolution in the past few years.

Technology is changing quite rapidly; therefore, we need to stay updated with continuous and ongoing web development and trends.

Here is a list of some trending web development trends for future

  1. Single Page Website
  2. Progressive web apps
  3. Chatbots
  4. Internet of things
  5. Cloud computing
  6. Dark theme UI
  7. Web security
  8. Voice UI

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Let’s dive deeper to understand these top web development trends for 2021 in more detail: 

1. Single Page Website: top web development trends

web design and development trends

This year single-page website seen in top web development. Although it minimizes the loading time and ultimately makes it work faster, it also decreases the page bounce. In 2020 this trend came into existence worldwide, even having a high chance to reach the peak in 2021.

The tech is going to be known for its effectiveness, quick-wittedness. Navigation through mobile devices becomes very easy on websites. For the humans using the Internet through the phone, the dual advantage is this beneficial to visitors and customers.

This coming year will help increase business traffic by targeting a specific audience and providing needed customers.
Facebook, Apple, and google drive are some of the companies using this web.

Key Essentials-

  • cost-effective
  • reduce bounce rate
  • increase conversion rate

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWA): best web development trends

web design trends 2021

AS PER STUDIES– this technology enhances the user’s experience. The main objective of this web is to give an understanding of mobile navigation. PWAs are offering service in mobile while working as a website.

PWBs is becoming a favorite of an organization like Starbucks, Forbes, Pinterest, Twitter.

Key Essentials-

  • Offer interactive mode
  • Give a chance of conversion rate
  • Provide good quality content

3. Chatbot Offering: web design & development trends 

website development trends

OK. Let’s learn about this web, the blend of cognitive intelligence and voice recognition, replacing the human working. Tech collects the queries, effectively analyzes, and comes up with appropriate solutions.

TECHNOLOGY work over natural language processing(NLP), part of AI that gives the machine the ability to understand and interpret human language.

Key Essential

  • Emotionally intelligent and independent
  • Pre-trained, secure, and prompt in answering
  • Performs complicated reasoning
  • Can converse easily across multiple channels

4. Internet of Things (IoT): website development trends

website development trend

Today billions of users actively using the Internet worldwide, connecting and collecting, and sharing data.
The IoT makes people live and work smarter and gain complete control over their lives and work.

In a nutshell, the concept of connecting any device to the Internet IS IoT. The IoT is a giant network, which helps in connecting things and people.

Humans depend on this tech because it makes things easier, from automatic cooking of food in the right length of time to different self-driving cars.

Key Essential

  • Collection and sensing of data
  • Device connection and connectivity
  • Interaction with multiple user interfaces
  • Predictive design to predict future behavior
  • Secure data transmission of private information

5. Cloud Computing: website development trends 2021

web development trends 2021
According to STUDIES, public cloud services is expected to grow to $306.9 billion by 2021. Therefore, WE can expect massive cloud computing advancements in 2021 as well.

Tech delivered computer-based services and covered a vast range of options to the users :

  • Storage,
  • Database,
  • Servers,
  • Networking,
  • Analytics

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of the computer’s resources like data storage without any user’s direct management. It relies on sharing of resources to increase the economic scale.

Cloud computing helps in preventing data loss as well as data overloading. This trend will be very economical as it will help reduce the development costs and, on the other hand, it will also strengthen the overall web.

The fundamental concept behind cloud computing is that companies do not have to buy their computing services while using a computing company can work faster with their projects because they only have to pay for their resources.

6. Dark Themed UI: top web design & development trends

website development trends

2021 is the very beginning of the new decade, and it’s fascinating to know that the websites are also moving towards the Dark or Night mode UI’s. If people are visiting a website at night, then he/she can switch to dark mode.

We have seen this trend in mobile phones and applications, but now we will be witnessing the websites in a proper dark UI. Dark Themed UI is one of the top web development trends in 2021.

7. Website Security: top website development trends

web app development trends

A website contains much sensitive information about its customers. According to the facts, figures, and studies, over 50,000 websites are hacked and breached by hackers every day.

Almost 2,083 websites are getting hacked and breached across the globe in an hour.

Website security has been a great challenge for web developers over a while, and hackers have always found a way to get their work done via unethical routes.

Websites security is one of the most critical aspects for people who have been doing their business on digital platforms.

Will introduce the importance of Website Security, Updated, and Strict protocols to protect the websites and the customers’ information across the world.

Using the HTTPS protocol will be mandatory for all the websites, and the websites that are not protected by the HTTPS will be marked unsafe by Google.

Updating the software will become a priority and take some protection measures regarding effective password management.

Website Security will be highly prioritized, and we can say that it will be one of the Top Web Development Trends in 2021

8. Voice UI: web app development trends

web application development trends

The Top Web Development Trends in 2021 will indeed include the “Voice UI.” In the future, Voice User Interface will be one of the fastest-growing web development trends in 2021.

Voice UI’s have been already introduced in the market earlier. Still, the market expertise believes that this trend will reach the top this year because of the continuously and rapidly growth of voice smart speaker devices, i.e., Amazon Alexa, Google assistant speaker, and many more.

Let’s Wrap Up: web app development trends

So, here we have discussed some top web development trends that are going to rule 2021. No doubt, in 2021, we are going to see many great changes in web app development. Now websites would be more interactive, secure, and having multiple features.  There are many web development companies that are building web apps on these trends.

If you also want to add any website development trends, feel free to comment. We will discuss this in the comment box.

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